This is how pieces came together:

Alfredo Sabando

The original idea comes from 2008 when the brothers Leonardo and Aldo Velazquez thought ABOUT how Mexican companies COULD fight against product piracy and counterfeiting, A PROBLEM THAT has BEEN damagING the Mexican economy year after year. They CARRIED OUT a complete research finding the MOST affected industries by piracy and counterfeiting. THIS IS WHERE THEY detected A big opportunity, THE NEED OF having a more effective AND TRACEABLE stock management with the UPrising new technologies as NFC and RFID.

It was BACK in 2013 when they decide to invite Zeus Portillo, A COLLEAGUE FROM HISGHSCHOOL, to market the project based on the increasing mobile trend penetration of NFC technology. In September of 2014 they decided to found Product Tracker Services S.A.P.I. and developed the Mobile app theOriginApp which enables companies to have a secure Data Base of original products as WELL as the potential to have a TOOL TO MANAGE AND TRACE THEIR STOCKS. THEN the idea HAPPENED to be a Marketing tool too, which based on IoT trend, IT could connect any product to the Internet BY providing THE PRODUCTS a new and unique Digital dimension.