Track your Products after the shelf and make your company more profitable

-Authenticity Certificate: Differentiate your product from the counterfeiting ones, Piracy, Clone labels, Illegal Imports, etc

Connect with your consumers directly from your product by establishing a direct communication channel. Keep in touch with your consumers when you create the most value: announcing a new product launch, Branding events or additional benefits for your community.



-CRM/ Loyalty Program: You won´t need a special card. You just need to tag the products you buy to get a prize, or a surprise.. Segment your target to communicate product add other complementary information or other similar upselling and cross selling products.

-Give your product super powers: Enrich the experience of consuming your product with content about how the client can take advantage of their features or with physical experiences by providing VIP features only because they use your products.

– Product Personalization: Consumers could have the Digital ownership of its products.

Refills.- Product can warn you when or where to refill your stock and about expiration dates

Reminders: When or where to consume your product alerts.

-Know your real consumers: how, when and where they use and consume your product.

A/B Testing.- Packaging, Prices, Retailers, you will be able to track how consumers react.


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Some Productracker Solutions:

– Anti counterfeiting
– Licensing audit program
– Consumer Engagement
– Stock Management
– Traceability
– Real Time Marketing Intelligence
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