User privacy notice

Comprehensive Privacy Notice for Customers Users of the OriginApp mobile application

  1. Comprehensive Privacy Notice for Customers Users of the OriginApp mobile application

In compliance with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data in Held by Individuals and its secondary regulations, we inform you the following:

  1. Identity of the personal data controller

  • Company name: Productracker Services S.A.P.I de C.V.
  • Field: Technology
  • Contact phone:(55) 1371-3195
  • Address: Calle Oriente 3 #244, Col. Centro, Municipio Fortín de las Flores. Estado de Veracruz, Zip Code 94470.
  1. Target public of this privacy notice

This Privacy Notice is aimed to all those people identified as Customers Users of our service, whether they are registered, wish to register or who have previously used of the services provided through our mobile application, which hereinafter shall be referred to as “OriginApp”

  1. Personal Information we collect

In order to fulfill the provision of our services, we need to collect the following personal information at the moment of registration:

  • Full name, which is not absolutely necessary since the OriginApp application allows you to provide a pseudonym or alias

  • Photograph or Profile Picture, which is not necessarily a personal photo

  • Personal Email

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Geographic location

  • Remote Geolocation Data

  • IP address

  • Consumption habits

  • Consultation habits

The personal data treatment has the following finalities:


  • Creating your personal profile as a user within the “OriginApp” mobile application
  • Generate a history of custom searches based on products and stores consulted through the mobile application

  • Send notifications or reminders through “OriginApp”, about products that you have indicated you want to view at a later period

  • Find your geographic position in order to inform the vicinity of establishments where the product you are looking for in the application “OriginApp” may be

  • To receive registration confirmation message to the mobile application


  • Send via email the information related to the “OriginApp” mobile application such as changes, updates or new content

  • Conduct marketing studies for which we do not use your name or contact details, the only personal data used are: Age, Gender and Location by geographic area

  • Send information via email newsletter, invitations, promotions, discounts and updates related to products you have consulted in the “OriginApp” application

Collection of personal data

The personal data you provided is obtained in a direct electronic way, that is:

  • When you register to use our “OriginApp” application

We also obtain your personal data indirectly through third parties who send it to us electronically, that is:

  • When registering through the website of a third party with whom “OriginApp” has a business relationship, for this purpose we invite you to read the Privacy Notice on other websites, social networks and mobile applications where you register. If the third party who has shared your personal information notifies us that your personal details should unsubscribe we will make such action immediately, unless you have created a user account via registration form

  • The personal data transferred to us by third parties, are:

    • Personal Email

    • Authentication through your Facebook Connect profile, through which we collect:

      • Your profile name

      • Age range

      • E-mail with which you have a user account on Facebook

Data transfer to third parties

We inform you that we do transfer non-sensitive personal data to third parties, which are:

  • Personal Email
  • Gender
  • Location by geographic area
  • Age
  • Alias of social networks

The data are transferred to third parties with whom “OriginApp” has a business relationship, such third parties are in the industries of:


  • Accessories for women
  • Automotive
  • Shoes
  • Cigars
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Toys
  • Music
  • Perfumes
  • Clock and watch shops
  • Textiles
  • Wines and Liquors
  • Foods
  • Tickets for public performances
  • Handbags for women
  • Home appliances
  • Electronic
  • Jewelry
  • Glasses
  • Films
  • Video games


he transfer of personal data indicated aims to meet the secondary purposes of sending you news, updates, special offers, discounts, presales and exclusive invitations regarding the scanned product.

If you want to object your personal data being transferred to third parties to carry out the secondary purposes, you shall express your opposition through the enabled option on the application registration form, or at any time exercise your ARCO rights following the procedure described in this Comprehensive Privacy Notice.

The data you provide are used only for the mentioned purposes.

Finally, we inform you that we do not get any economic use from your personal data.

  1. ARCO rights

ARCO rights are the legal mechanism that allows you to exercise your rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition as well as limiting the use or revoking the consent to process your personal data, which allow you to:

  • Access to personal data that Productraker Services S.A.P.I. de C.V. has from you and its handling
  • Ask for corrections or updates to your personal data
  • Request that we delete your data – when it is lawful –
  • Oppose to the realization of the primary purposes set out in this Privacy Notice – at this event Productraker Services S.A.P.I. de C.V. will not continue providing the services offered, and taking into consideration the exceptions allowed by the law

  • Oppose to the fulfillment of the secondary purposes set out in this Privacy Notice
  • Request that your personal data are not transferred to third parties
  • Limit the use of personal data or revoke your previously granted consent for treatment
  1. How to exercise your ARCO rights

The holder of personal data shall provide a writing request indicating at least the following information:

  • Full name of the owner of the personal data.
  • Mean to contact and communicate the answer:
  • Address for receiving courier service by SEPOMEX
  • Phone number
  • Secondary phone number
  • Clear and precise mention of the right you seek to exercise, having to mention one at a time.

  • Valid official identification (which you must present original and copy for comparison when you give the answer to your request)

  • In case of underage person, display the document certifying you as legal representative or guardian.

  • Additional and accurate information that you provide us to facilitate the search for the requested data, as the data provided to us, the period in which they were provided. If you request updates or corrections of your data, you shall submit the legal documents that prove that change.

  • Handwritten signature, which should coincide with the official identification you produced to perform the procedure.

El escrito libre deberá de presentarlo en la dirección: Calle Oriente 3, #244, Col. Centro, Municipio Fortín de las Flores, Estado de Veracruz, Código Postal 94470 Monday through Friday on business hours comprised between 09:00 and 18:00 hours.

If you have questions about how to exercise your ARCO rights or about how to limit the use of your personal data or revoke your consent, you should call the phone number: 55-13713195 or send an e-mail to within the days and business hours listed above.

Within a period not greater than 5 business days after receiving your request, if there is doubt or we require more information about your application, we will contact you in order to communicate this situation and get more information from you regarding the request. The answer to our request must be executed within a period not to exceed 10 working days.

Within a period not greater than 20 working days of receiving your request, or after having answered the clarifications requested from us, we will contact you in order to communicate the answer to your request, this answer will be delivered personally at our address, once verified the identity of the holder or his representative.

  1. Consent

Given that we do not treat or transfer data of a sensitive nature, and we do not transfer personal data of a sensitive nature, you do not need to state expressly your consent in this Comprehensive Privacy Notice, thus, unless you exercise any of your Rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition (ARCO), limit its use or withdraw your consent for the handling of the personal data,we believe that you have accepted the provisions of this Comprehensive Privacy Notice.

  1. Competent Authority

If after having exercised your Rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation or Opposition as well as revoking your consent or limiting the use of your personal data, you consider that we have made any omission or made any breaching action regarding the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals, the competent Mexican authority before which you should bring your complaint or disagreement is the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI).

  1. Update

We inform you that this Comprehensive Privacy Notice is subject to change derived from:

  • Updates or amendments to the applicable legislation on personal data

  • Updates or amendments to legislation on commercial, taxes and consumer protection

  • Changes in the way of operation of the company

LUpdates and modifications made to this Comprehensive Privacy Notice will be informed to you through a notification via email to the email address you provided as a mean of contact, in this email we will invite you to consult the new version of this document both at our address and through electronic means on the

Fecha de última actualización: Date of last update: April 1st, 2016