What we do?

Today, customer lifetime value is a critical metric for any business that wants to achieve a distinctive competitive advantage This implies connecting with your customers everywhere, on any device, and all the time.

It means evolving your business into a connected service business. Becoming a service business enables you to create and deliver a lot of new experiences for your customers. That´s how IoT is changing the way consumer interacts with products, connecting business with consumers in straight line.

Product Tracker is the fastest and easiest way to convert any “dump products” (Video Games, T-shirts, Luxury bags, Medicine, Wine, Shoes, Perfume bottles, Car Spare Parts, cigarettes, etc.) into Smart Products, enhancing the lifetime value of the products. Covering solutions like:

  • Anti counterfeiting
  • Licensing audit program
  • Consumer Engagement
  • Stock Management & Traceability
  • Real Time Marketing Intelligence
  • More Solutions

Product Tracker helps companies along the Value chain by measuring, controlling, discovering and bringing new services as well as enhancing the Life Time Value of the products.